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Jewellery and Accessories


 Ravdeco – laser cut jewellery and leather accessories

***What inspires me***

Nature, science, geometry, vintage ephemera, different cultures, symbols and archetypes to name a few. Inspiration can come from many unexpected places so I try to keep a notebook with me all the time to record or sketch my ideas (and majority of them is yet to be realized). I always loved minerals and gemstones, as a kid I had tons of books about them and I could remember things like the mohs scale, fracture, luster and other properties of lots of them. I’m fascinated by patterns, the fact that they can be repeated over and over again and you can’t see the edges, they give me a sense of continuity and infinity. After I discovered Spoonflower in 2010 I started to create patterns for fabrics and instantly felt like it’s my thing.
I like creating computer designs, it’s a medium which allows me to transfer an image in my head into a tangible thing, be it fabric, print or laser cut piece of jewellery but I also have a need to get my hands dirty, so I assemble, paint, varnish, leather-craft.

***A bit of history***

I’ve been designing and making things since I remember, for a couple of years I’ve been selling my hand made silver and gemstones jewellery in the online shop and at various markets. I set up my Etsy shop in 2012 as an outlet for my wooden jewelry and accessories but it was opened for about 2 months only. Things changed, I moved from Poland to UK but all the time I missed creating things with my hands, so here I’m back and hope to stay for longer.

***My style***

If I was to name my style it probably would be boho minimalist, sometimes more boho, sometimes more minimal with a dose of quirkiness, I like things a bit rough and unpolished, I would choose a desolated foggy landscape over sunshine on the crowdy beach. My interests and my style change and evolve so I don’t really know what it will be like next year. What I’m sure about, is that I will want and try to create and design things.

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